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    2017-2018 Schedule

Classes are open to new students and experienced dancers alike, unless noted by the class.

Contact the Studio for a tour and meet the teacher!! 

New Offering! Jazzy Hip Hop is a combination of classic jazz and contemporary (clean) hip hop styles. Super Fun! 


Class has openings unless noted as "Full"
It's not too late to start! 

4:45-5:30 Tap/Ballet/Jazzy Hip Hop
2 dances in the recital: tap & ballet=1 costume

Ages 5-7 yrs

5:30-6:00 Pre-BalletAges 3-5 yrs 
6:00-6:45 Tap/Ballet/Jazzy Hip Hop
2 dances in the recital: tap & ballet=1 costume
Ages 5-7 yrs 
6:45-7:30 Tap & Jazzy Hip Hop
2 dances in the recital: tap & jazzy hip hop=1 costume
Ages 8-10 yrs

4:45-5:45 Tap/Ballet/Jazzy Hip Hop
3 dances in the recital: tap, ballet and jazzy hip hop =2 costumes
Ages 8-10 yrs

5:45-6:30 Tap/Ballet/Jazzy Hip Hop
2 dances in the recital: tap & ballet =1 costume


Ages 5-7 yrs

6:30-7:15 Jazzy Hip Hop &  Kick Line

Ages 11+ yrs 


4:15-5:00 Jazz/Kick Line/Hip HopAges 14+ yrs
5:00-5:30 Lyrical BalletAges 11+ yrs
5:30-6:00 Tap No Beginners Ages 11+ yrs

6:00-6:45 Jazzy Hip Hop & Kick Line

6:45-7:45 Tap/Ballet/Jazzy Hip Hop

 Ages 11+ yrs Full

Ages 8-10 yrs




4:30-5:15 Jazz/Kick/Hip Hop      


14+ yrs

5:15-6:00 Tap & Jazzy Hip Hop new offering! No ballet. 2 dances in the recitalAges 5-7 yrs     

6:00-6:45 Tap/Ballet/Jazzy Hip Hop
2 dances in the recital: tap & ballet= 1 costume

6:45-7:15 Pre-Ballet 

Ages 4-6 yrs Full

Ages 3-5 yrs 


  1. More for your money!! Compare this with other studios...
    Combination Classes perform 2 dances; tap and ballet or tap and jazz, in the recital, but only need one costume!! 
    The 1 hour Combination Class performs 3 dances in the recital; tap, ballet and jazz, but only need 2 costumes!!

  2. Never Ever a recital fee to perform in the recital!!! Some studios charge as much as $50 just to participate in the recital.
    There is an admission charge, but not for our performing dancer.

    Classes meet once a week
            1/2 hr---$48/month    ($432)         
    3/4 hr--- $55/month     ($495) 
         1 hr---$60/ month   ($540) 
  3.  1 1/4 hr---  $82/month    ($738)     
  4.   1  1/2 hr--$89/month    ($801)    
    1 3/4 hr---$94/ month ($846)

    Total tuition costs for the 9 month season is stated in parenthesis above. Tuition is based on a 9 month schedule, divided into 9 monthly installments. Tuition is due one month prior, on the 1st lesson of each month. Please note the classes over an hour long are discounted with each class added per individual.
  5. September tuition is due July 31st or at the time of registration from August on.
    October tuition is due the first lesson in September.
    *A tuition refund will be made if a month is pre-paid and a student chooses to withdraw from class before the pre-paid month begins.

    There are no deductions in tuition for missed classes. Students are welcome to make up a missed class, in a comparable class, within 2 weeks of their absence. Tuition is the same whether there are 3, 4, or 5 lessons in the month.  Students that may miss a month of class or longer are expected to pay the full amount of tuition to keep their placement in class. 

  6. Anyone wanting to pay more than one month at a time is welcome to do so.
    Late tuition fees will be assessed a 5 late fee for each week it is late. There will be a $15 fee for NSF checks.
  7. *************************************************************************************
    Community Education Classes taught by Tanya of Dance Connection Dance Studio
          Monday 9:15-9:45      Ballet 3-5 years

  8. Tuesday 9:30-10:00         Ballet 3-5 years

  9. Registration for CE dance classes are made through CE. Sessions are Fall, Winter and  Spring tuition is different than the studio. All CE dancers are invited to perform in Dance Connection's annual recital in the Spring. Costume purchase and participation in the Winter and Spring sessions is required for recital participation. Community Education registration link: 

  10. ***************************************************************************************************************

About Registration

*Email the studio to inquire about openings:

*Registration begins June 15th for new students

*Registrations are accepted through the regular mail 

*The mailing address is not the studio address. mail to: 1413 Century Corner Ln NE, 55906 

*Registration fee: individual $35 / family $55

The studio is closed for the summer

Classes begin the week of 9/11/2017

Recital Date: Saturday, June 2nd at JMHS Auditorium 2pm

Stage Rehearsal will be either Thursday, May 24th or Friday June 1st at JMHS 

3-5 year old and 5-7 year old classes:
 Any color leotard, with or without a skirt
Pink or white tights
Pink leather ballet shoes (no shiny satin shoes are permitted)
             Black tap shoes (in the Combination Classes)
           8-10 year old class:
Any of the following combined or not:
leotard with tights
bike shorts (tight shorts) with tights
Tshirt/tank top
No jeans or loose shorts.
Pink leather Ballet Shoes (no shiny satin shoes are permitted)
Black Tap Shoes (shiny patent or leather)
Jazz Shoes are optional but not required until the next age level.
11+ and 14+ year old class: 
Any of the following combined or not:
leotard with tights
bike shorts (tight shorts) with tights
Tshirt/tank top
No jeans or loose shorts.
Pink leather Ballet Shoes (no shiny satin shoes are permitted) for Ballet
Black Leather Tap Shoes for Tap
Tan Leather Jazz Shoes for Danceline/Hip Hop/Jazz Classes--Available at Blades to Ballet
Participation in the Spring recital requires a costume purchase. Costume charges vary by age level.
Estimated charges for each age level: $65 = ages 3-7 yrs//$75 = 2 in 1 combination classes 8-10 yrs//$85 =  11+ and 14+ yrs
Studio Closings:
MEA Weekend: Thursday, October 19th
Thanksgiving Week
Winter Break: December 25th thru January 2nd. Classes resume Wednesday, January 3rd.
Spring Break: March 30th thru April 7th.
Class IS in session on President's Day and MLK JR day. 
Inclement Weather Policy:
The studio will not follow the Rochester Public Schools when it closes due to inclement weather. Often times the weather and road conditions greatly improve by the start of classes in the afternoon. There are several ways to find out the status of class: Call the studio number for a recorded message, check the news tab on the studio website, email and/or text message will be sent out and finally KTTC. Make up classes will not be held when classes are closed due to inclement weather. Make up classes do not work--quite literally-- 5% of the students attend. Anyone wanting to attend another class for a make up is welcome to.
 Observation of Class:
Classes are closed to watching unless it is Observation Day. Parents are invited to stay and observe class: The week of 11/06 and 02/26. Little ones: Reluctant dancers not willing to seperate from a parent can have a parent sit in class the first lesson or two. After that, reluctant dancers may need to consider trying class when they are a little older.