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With 30 years of teaching experience, Tanya Williams opened Dance Connection in the Fall of 2002. Dancing since the age of 3, she has studied and taught many forms of dance to children and adults alike: Tap,  Ballet, Jazz, Danceline, and Ballroom dance.  She tap danced her way to the title of Miss Rochester 1990, and won the talent portion of the competition with her performance.

Dance Connection classes are fun yet educational.  In a relaxed atmosphere, Tanya works on building a solid dance foundation in a positive, upbeat manner.  What child would want to commit to 9 months to an activity if it's not fun? As the mother of three boys, Tanya is first a parent, second a teacher, when conducting class. She treats her dancers in the manner she'd want another teacher to treat her sons.  While learning proper technique, dancers will delight in leaping over a vast array of colored feather boas, and practicing rhythm exercises using tambourines, maracas, pom poms, and rhythm sticks.  Occasionally, as a special treat, the children may play with a giant parachute at the end of class.  Dance Connection is a studio of recreational dancers;  many of the dancers are enrolled in class only once a week affording them time to participate in other activities as well. Even the once weekly dancers learn a great deal in class and demonstrate this at the annual spring recital.

Dance is a performing art.  Each spring, Dance Connection's recital performance is held at John Marshall High School.  After nine months of dance class dedication, this is truly a rewarding experience for the dancers and parents alike.  At the recital, Tanya takes great care to showcase every dancer in the class, regardless of ability.  For performance numbers with a front row and back row, the songs are extended and the dancers are taught how to switch lines during the dance.  This gives everyone the opportunity to be in the front line for half of the dance.  After all, when parents and grandparents come to the recital, they want to be able to see their special dancer on stage, not hidden behind another performer.

At Dance Connection, the Combination Class is a favorite of many.  In this class, dancers between the ages of 4 and 10 years of age are taught ballet, tap and a little jazz.  This class performs two dances at the recital and the younger students (ages 7 and under) only need to purchase one costume!  Dance Connection is dedicated to keeping the cost of being in dance class to a minimum.

Regular attendance is expected of each student.  Proper attire is also expected and enforced.  Leotards, shoes and tights, according to the Dress Code for each class, must be met by the first lesson in October. (Blades to Ballet , located next to the studio, has a class list of the required shoes for Dance Connection.)

Many classes have a waiting list.  At this time, Tanya is the only instructor.  Thus, the dance class schedule is somewhat limited compared to other studios with many teachers. You can count on Tanya being the enthusiastic instructor of your child's class.

Dance is a gift.  It promotes and instills Dedication, Self-Esteem, Respect, Coordination, Concentration, and Physical Endurance.  Dance truly is a gift that lasts a lifetime.