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Tuition is due one month ahead. September tuition is due July 31st.
   *The Registration Fee and September Tuition is due upon registering from August until September 10th.
   *Registering after September 10th; the Registration Fee, September and October Tuition will be due.
*Should you drop from class before starting the second prepaid month, that one month of tuition will be refunded.
*Tuition remains the same whether there are 3, 4 or 5 lessons in a month.
*There are no deductions in tuition for absences. Making up a missed class by attending a comparable class is always welcome.

Dress Code
Hair is expected to be put up and pulled away from the face. Buns are not required.
Ages 3- 7 years: Any color leotard, light pink, white or tan tights. Skirts are optional.
Ages 8+ years: Options include leotard with tights, leotard with bike shorts (form fitting shorts, not loose athletic shorts), leotard with Capri's and bike shorts/Capri's with a tshirt.

Dance Shoes
Tap Class: Black Tap Shoes
Ballet Class and Jazzy Hip Hop ages 8-10 yrs: Pink Leather Ballet Shoes
Jazz/Kick/Hip Hop ages 11+ years: Tan Jazz Shoes (Blades to Ballet)

Observation of Class
Parents are invited to observe class the week of 11/05 and 2/04.

Studio Closings
Thursday 10/18
Halloween Night
The week of Thanksgiving: 11/19 thru 11/22
Winter Break: 12/24 thru 1/3
Spring Break: 3/25-3/28

Please Note: Classes are in session on Presidents Day and MLK Day.

Recital Costumes
Costume fees will be due in November. The costumes will be worn for the Recital in late May/early June (the Date TBA in September) Costume fees generally run $65 for ages 3-8 years, $75 for ages 8-10 years and $85 for 11+ years.

Dance Recital
The annual dance recital is held at the JMHS Auditorium in late May/early June. Most dancers perform more than one dance in the recital but only need to purchase one costume. There is never a recital fee to perform. Just the purchase of the costume.